Annotated biblography: preparation + research

I’ve spent the morning in the library trying to find resources for the annotated bibliography. Somewhat of a battle finding the actual books (thank-you, lovely people who move books around and make my life difficult)… but generally successful.

I’ve found four sources which I can begin to work from, ranging from texts on youth and new media to public/citizen journalism.

• One which will be particularly useful to my research is ‘Mobile Social Networking and the News’ (Forlano, 2010). Although I haven’t yet read the text in its entirety, I’ve skimmed through it and understand it to be a discussion of mainstream media integrating social networking and micro-blogging tools (mainly Facebook and Twitter). Forlano discusses the merge from one-way communication to a two-way interactive model, analysing the use of online media in everyday life (i.e. changing news consumption rituals).

With particular relevance to my research, she discusses the presentation of news on social networking channels – how this works and how its reintegrated with mainstream media broadcasts.

Assessment: Critical Reading Journal

Critical Reading Journal via Wiki:
• 800 words, with 10 per cent either way.
• If too long, people won’t want to comment.
• Make two responses (if more than two, choose which two you would like looked at).
• First response: to person sitting next to you (Nicole), plus another person.
• Responses: 200 words max.

Good response:
– what I enjoyed reading:
– what I found lacking was:
– what further questions i have:
– what I got from the reading is… did you see this too?

Bad response:
– give overall judgement at the start, i.e. “I thought your response was good”.