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Social media statistics (Australia)

As part of my research for the annotated bibliography, I’ve come across this post on, detailing the uses of social media in Australia (January, 2011).

The stats are measured in terms of UAVs (unique Australian visitors per month).

The top 5 social media networks include:

• Facebook (9.8 million)
• Youtube (6.7 million)
• Blogspot (2.2 million)
• Twitter (1 million)
• WordPress (920,000)

The writer also noted the following:
• Facebook’s figures are roughly the same each month
• Twitter is usually around the 1 million mark
• Myspace is in a steady decline – it came in at no. 7 on the list, with 630,000 visitors each month.

Facebook taking the top spot was more than likely, but I was surprised that Twitter, although in the fourth spot, only gets 1 million visitors per month.


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